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Curriculum Vitae Dr. Cihat Gundogdu (M.D.) - Pembicara Konferensi Harun Yahya

I am a medical doctor specialized in family medicine. I run a private clinic in Istanbul and work as a medical adviser to the pharmaceutical market as well. But over all, my main interest is on “Creation Science”. As a lecturer, I have given numerous lectures in several universities and high schools in USA(Univ of Columbia), Canada (Mc Gill Univ., Concordia Univ.), England (10 universities incl. Cambridge, Oxford and London School of Economics), Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Ireland, Singapore (Dar’ul Islam), Malaysia (Int. Univ. of Islam), Holland (Erasmus Univ. Faculty of Medicine), Belgium , Japan (6 different univ. campuses including School of Medicine Univ. of Tokyo), Australia (Sydney Opera House), and more than 150 conferences in Turkey, mainly based on the scientific evidence debunking Darwinism. I had many articles published on several journals dealing with the scientific facts of creation and attended several TV programs as well.

I think it is the mission of scientists to tell people that what we observe in the scientific field is the evidence of “Creation”. That is why we founded “Nature and Human Health Association” (Doğa ve İnsan Sağlığı Derneği). I am the elected president of this association. As the members we are trying to reach public to inform them about the fossils and other scientific evidence which prove creation as an observable fact.

Lectures given:

1. COLLAPSE OF THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION: Fact of creation is shown with the help of thorough paleontological evidence. “Imaginary Mechanisms of Evolution” (mutations and natural selection has nothing to do with the emergence of species), “Lack of Transitional Forms”, “Species Appear Abruptly At Cambrian Age”, “Myth Of Human Evolution”, “Misleading Fossil Reconstructions”, “Forgeries by Evolutionists”, ”No change through time: Live Fossils”, “Application of Darwinism to Social Life: Social Darwinism” are some of the headlines from this lecture.

2. THE FACT OF CREATION: The sudden origination of a complex structure in a complete form out of the blue shows that it is created by a conscious agent. No doubt, any complex system like a single cell or any organ or animal is created by a superior will and wisdom. In other words, it came into existence by Allah’s creation. “Design and Coincidence”, “Miraculous Insect Mosquito”, “So Called Mother Nature”, “Miracle in the Eye”, “A Materialistic Dead End: Atom Consciousness”(matter can not organize itself), “Why Do They Defend Evolution?”(Ideological background of Darwinism) are the headlines that follow.

3. ISLAM DENOUNCES TERRORISM – UNITY OF FAITHS: Ideological background of terrorism is investigated and acts of terror are evaluated according to religion Islam. As Islam is the Religion of Peace, it is shown that terrorizing innocent people is completely against Islam and that "Islamic terror" is an erroneous concept. It is demonstrated that the origins of a terrorist act should be sought in disbelief, rather than in religion. Hatred and Anger against a Community, The Meaning of the Concept of Jihad, War in The Qur'an, Committing Suicide is Forbidden in the Qur’an, The Outlook of Islam on The People of The Book, Common Beliefs and Values Shared by the People of the Book are some of the headlines of this speech.

Educational History

1980-1986 Kadikoy Anatolian High School, Istanbul

1986-1993 University of Marmara, School of Medicine, Istanbul -English-

1994-1994 Internship in Internal Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY, USA

1995-2000 Haydarpasa Numune Hospital, Family Medicine Residency Program, Istanbul

2001-2001 Clinical Pharmacology Postgraduate Education, Division of Clinical Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY, USA

Prediction of embryonal tumour outcome based on gene expression.

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