Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

Curriculum Vitae Ahmet Oktar Babuna - Pembicara Konferensi Harun Yahya

Name:                       Ahmet Oktar Babuna
Date of Birth:           08-16-1963
Place of Birth:          Istanbul-Turkey
Spoken Languages: Turkish, English, German
  • German High School: 1974-1981 
  • Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School: 1981-1989 
  • Imperial College of London Medical School: 1984-1985 
  • Univesity of California San Francisco Medical School: 1989-1991 
  • University of California Berkeley 1989-1991 
  • New York University Medical School Department of Neurosurgery 1991-1995
  • Member of Science and Research Foundation 
  • Member of Truth Research Foundation 
  • Member of Turkish Neurological Society 
Coauthor ¨Divine Action and Natural Selection: Science, Faith and Evolution¨, Singapore: World Scientific, (eds.) (2008).

Some of the TV and Radio Programs:
  • National TV channels in Turkey:Haberturk Channel, Show Tv, ATV, Kanal D, Flash Tv, CNN etc 
  • CNN, Republic Broadcasting Network – Texas, Catholic Radio International, Captain’s America (Matt Bruce), Talk Radio 702 (South Africa), Talksport (UK), Talk Radio Europe (Spain)  
USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Israel
Some of the Universities conferences given about Darwinism and Creation: (I lectured more than 1.000 conferences)
USA: State Un of New York Buffalo, Albany SUNY, New York Un, University Of Rochester, NJIT, State UN of Pennsylvania, University of Washington, University Of Texas Medical School at Houston, University of North Carolina, Univesity of South Carolina, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Texas, etc
UK: Imperial College of London, Kings College of London, Cambridge Un, Oxford Un, Un of Liverpool, Sheffield Un etc
Israel: Tel Aviv Un, Hebrew University